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No one wants to compromise their independent life.
With Lively, no one
has to.

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Introducing Lively

Lively respects the privacy of older adults
with a way to measure healthy living patterns
while giving family members insight when
help may be needed. Taking medication on time? Eating regularly? Being as active as possible?
When something is amiss, Lively makes sure
you're connected.

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Here's How Lively Works

1. Learn

The Lively sensors, placed on objects within
the home, learn an older adult's routine for
medications, food and drink, getting out,
and more.

2. Gather

Once plugged in, the Lively hub captures activity
signals from the sensors and sends it securely to
the Lively website via a built-in cellular
connection (no home internet connection required!).

4. Connect

Closing the activity-sharing loop, a printed
LivelyGram mailer containing photos and
messages from family and friends is
automatically created twice a month
for each independent older adult.

3. Share

Via web or smartphone, Lively shares activity
patterns and notifies loved ones whenever
there's anything out of the ordinary.

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Lively Features At A Glance

Easy-to-install hub
Just plug it in.

Built-in cellular service
No home internet access or phone line required.

Activity sensors
Track and share daily living routine.

At-a-Glance activity updates
Web login to check activity anytime.

Notifications by
email & text

Receive alerts and reminders when you need them.

Mobile access
Use Lively on-the-go with
free iPhone or Android app.

Two-way connection
Friends and family also share details of their lives, which we turn into LivelyGrams.

Customer service
Lifetime email or phone support provided for active subscribers.

30-day return
Return hardware for a full refund within 30 days.

One year warranty
Equipment may be returned for repair or replacement.

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Buy Lively Today

Buy Lively Today


Pay-as-you-go service
then only $24.95/month,
including LivelyGram

(one time charge)

Free shipping | Easy setup | 30-day money back guarantee

What's included:

  • Six activity sensors
  • Lively hub and power adapter
  • Built-in cellular service
    included; no internet or phone
    line required to use
  • Free iPhone and Android app
    for on-the-go use
  • Secure web login for
    at-a-glance updates
  • Reminder alerts by email
    and mobile text

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