How it works

1. Learn

Activity sensors log your daily routine. There's nothing to wear and no video cameras.


Attach a sensor to any pillbox to
keep track of when your daily dose
is taken.

Food & Drink

Attach a sensor to the refrigerator and other kitchen objects to infer when food is prepared or consumed.

Getting Out

Attach the sensor fob to your keychain
to measure time spent out of the
home—and when you come back.


Attach a sensor to a movable object that is part of the daily routine patterns
of older adults to log more detail
(e.g., bathroom door or favorite chair).

Actual hub size: 3 3/4" w x 4 1/8" h

2. Gather

  • Lively hub receives activity signals from each of the sensors to compare daily events with normal routines and healthy preferences.
  • Easy-to-install hub includes built-in cellular service for uploading activity data wirelessly. No home internet connection or cellphone plan is required for ongoing use of Lively.

3. Share

  • Lively shares activity patterns via a secure
    "at-a-glance" login that can be accessed through a computer, tablet or smartphone (iPhone and Android supported).
  • Users control who has access.
  • Notifications are delivered by email or text message (Or a phone call—coming soon!).

4. Connect

  • LivelyGram gives family and friends a creative way to share the events of their lives.
  • Pictures and short messages are easily shared using a computer or smartphone—or directly through a favorite social network.
  • Twice a month, Lively automatically compiles and publishes a personalized, printed LivelyGram—and then delivers it through the postal mail.
  • Perfect for non-internet users or those who just love something they can hold in their hand and share.

Lively delivers an immense value at an unbeatable price


(one time charge)

Pay-as-you-go service
then only $24.95/month,
including LivelyGram

Free shipping | 30-day money back guarantee