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We've heard from hundreds of families who tell us they're on a mission to honor their elder loved ones' lifelong independence. It's a cause that matters to us all.

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Older adults want to stay in their homes as they age. We are helping them do it.

Stylish, non-intrusive activity sensors notice changes in daily patterns to signal when anything may be amiss and notifies family members. It also helps older adults and their families enjoy the rich reward of a closer connection. Check out this video to learn more.

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Includes LivelyGram*

* After setup, pay only $24.95 per month. No contracts. Cancel anytime (early cancellation fee in first 12 months of activation will apply).

Why you should choose Lively:

  • Activity tracking done right, no device to wear
  • No contracts, easy to cancel, hassle-free
  • Affordable, less than $1 daily
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Service available nationwide, no home internet connection required
  • Family members get a fun way to share the events of their life, too
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How Lively Works


Lively activity sensors are placed on objects within the home to learn the routine for when medications are taken, food and drinks are consumed in the kitchen, time spend getting out of the house, and more.


The Lively hub captures activity signals from the sensors and then sends the data securely to our website via a built-in cellular connection.


Lively then shares activity patterns and notifies loved ones when anything is out of the ordinary.

Bonus! LivelyGram

is a personalized mailer comprising of photos and messages
sent twice monthy to an elder loved one.

Learn more by calling or visit here.

Lively is much more useful to me than those alert products I have seen.

Bill, 91

My mother-in-law lives thousands of miles from us. I love that Lively can keep us more connected to her!

Alex, 41

Lively is an exceedingly convenient way of making sure your parents are doing okay and if anything happens, you know to do something about it.

Phil, 44

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